The Team

The Go-Upcycle Team

A team of individuals focused on reducing building material waste

John D. Holling

Founder, CEO, Owner

Growing up, Camping in Boy Scouts and experiencing nature was one of my favorite things. I always wanted our future generations to experience what I did. After finding out how much building materials are wasted. I thought, “let’s try and make money off reducing waste”.

Joshua Weaver

COO & Sales

Joshua Weaver has an extensive sales background in the door to door sales industry. He has a background in operations and lot’s of experience with customer satisfaction

Ryan Simpson

Marketing & Lead Generation

Ryan Simpson has has an extensive background in the marketing industry. From marketing his own products, to now marketing for Go Upcycle, specializes in lead generation

Jared Weeks

Warehouse & Logistics

Jared has been handling local Utah pickup and delivery options for construction & industry needs.

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